VA Enrollment and Benefits

Through a partnership with the VA Healthcare system, the Center and VA staff are available to help with enrollment and/or transfer into the local VA Healthcare system. This can include finding a primary care provider or specialist, scheduling appointments around your class schedule, and answering questions while addressing issues you may be having with the VA.

The closest VA’s are Danville, Decatur, and Bloomington. VA staff are conveniently located at the Center on occasion to help with accessing VA services. As the Center staff work closely with the local VA, we can also help connect you and get answers to questions you’re looking for.

Here are some things to consider and keep and mind when considering VA benefits:

  • There are lots of ways you can be eligible for VA services! Even if you think you aren’t it never hurts to check.
  • Those who served in the National Guard may be eligible for VA health care if they were called up to deploy and served the full time to which they were called under federal orders.
  • For anyone who was deployed to a combat zone after 9/11–you get five years of cost-free healthcare through the VA for any deployment related issues.
  • Eligible for Chapter 31? Dr. Delmar Rhodes is the VA’s VetSuccess Coordinator that works at the Center and can help you with getting the benefits you deserve. Contact Dr. Rhodes via e-mail at:
Contact Laura Mowery, LCSW, Transition and Care Management Program Manager at 217-554-5121 or  Available by phone Thursdays from 1230-1600.