Health and Wellness

Image of yoga room with yoga mats on floor.

Our holistic approach aims to build and support sustainable life skills.

We understand the need for overall health and wellness. Through our interdisciplinary services developed to support mental health and well being, we have services to support your health. Through a state-of-the-art gym, fitness activities such as yoga and nutrition classes are also available to support your health and wellness needs.

Whether a student Veteran is seasoned in fitness or working to develop new routines, we work to support their needs. This can include supporting someone developing healthy routines or someone with newly acquired injuries just beginning to develop an understanding of how their disability affects their life. For example, we understand a Veterans health and wellness may affect their learning as they integrate into higher education and have services to support their overall wellbeing. Other services available include:

  • Well equipped gym available for currently registered students
  • Neuropsychological testing referrals
  • Nutrition workshops
  • Disability management
  • Close proximity to McKinley Health Center

Information on your rights as service members and veterans with disabilities can be found here.