Disability Accommodations

Ribbon cutting ceremony with Chez Veterans Center stakeholders in front of Center building.

The Chez Veterans Center Exceeds ADA Standards

Our building was constructed to meet or exceed ADA compliance for physical disabilities. Whether it be using the Center for study space, residing at the Center, or are looking for support living with a disability, we can help accommodate any disability need you might have.

Information on your rights as service members and veterans with disabilities can be found here.

Image of sign of Rehabilitation Education Center DRES Disability Resources and Educational Services 1207 South Oak Street

Academic Accommodations

The Center staff work closely with DRES (Disability Resources and Educational Services) in maintaining our students have any disability-related accommodations or services they may need. These services can be accessed at DRES and at times can be supported by Center staff. If you have questions about how to apply or need support with accessing accommodations you may need to help you succeed in your academic environment, reach out to Ingrid Wheeler, MSW, LCSW. Ingrid works with DRES regularly and can help answer questions you may have.