FAQ about Confidentiality


What does confidentiality mean?

It means you have control over your health record. We cannot disclose information or release records without your consent unless required by court order or there is a concern for your or someone else’s safety.

Can I be reported for seeing a therapist and have my FOID card taken?

Seeking mental health treatment will not have your FOID card taken. If a client or individual is seen by a clinician and is identified to pose “clear and present danger” to themselves or others, clinicians are obligated to notify the Department of Human Services  who will update their records and determine whether to revoke the person’s FOID card.

I want to work for the government after graduating. Won’t they see my records with the background check?

Our confidentiality policy indicates no one can have your information without your permission. This information would not come up with a background check and the information would not be available unless you provided written consent to release such information.

How long would my records stay at the Center?

Records are kept on campus for 7 years before they are destroyed.

Can anyone find out I am seeing a therapist/counselor?

We cannot confirm or deny whether you see a therapist/counselor without your written consent. This includes spouses, parents, employers, etc. No one can know anything about you or your treatment from us, without written consent.