Transitional Support

Illinois Community College students visit the Chez Center

Supporting your transition.

Whether it is transitioning out of service or into higher education, the adjustment can come with challenges. Through our support and special programs we are available to support you in your transition. We aim to provide life skills, resources, and help you build community to help aid your successful transition to campus.

Here are some of our regular programs supporting your transition:

Military Orientation Lessons Learned Engagement Training

MOLLE provides education and resources to aid military-connected students in successfully transitioning to the University of Illinois at the Champaign-Urbana campus. This workshop is designed to help support military-connected students transition to campus with skills and knowledge to support their academic and career successes.

Goals of this workshop include:

  1. Introducing incoming Veterans to support staff at the Chez Veterans Center.
  2. Provide skill building strategies and activities for promoting success during transition to campus.
  3. Foster an environment that supports academic and psychosocial success throughout transition.
  4. Provide resources and lived experiences to compliment overall success.
Students take a tour on campus

Semester Kick-off

This program is designed to welcome new and returning military-connected students to the University. At the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester, the Chez Veterans Center aims to welcome both incoming military connected students and current students with a kick-off each semester. This a perfect setting to meet the Chez support staff and your peers. The Center host this event to help you build your community, discovering key resources both on campus and off. All of this helps to foster an environment that supports academic and psychosocial success throughout the transition. 

Students sitting and eating dinner and a Chez Veterans semester kick off

Other programming supporting transition:

  • VA Home Loan Workshop
  • Applying for VA Disability Workshop
  • Financial Aid/Benefits Support