Educational Programming

Educating current and future generations.

Dr. Hunniecutt speaks with a microphone to room full of Illinois alumni sitting at tables.  There are screens behind here sharing a slide.

The Chez Veterans Center’s vision is to be the preeminent university center for transforming present and future generations of military-connected communities through innovative services, research, and education.  With these values in mind, the Chez Veterans Center offers academic programming and courses that increase knowledge for researchers and providers serving Military/Veteran communities.

Academic Course Offerings

The CVC’s MSKC is continuously developing new academic programming for UIUC students to advance their knowledge of Military/Veteran communities and topics. Currently, one special topics course is available each Spring for undergraduate and graduate students. Check back for additional courses that will be available in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Current academic course offering:

Spring 2021 Course Offering- Military Veterans: Community Health & Wellness

CHLH 494 (MVG Special Topics: Health Issues, CRN 55765 (4 credit hours); CHLH 494 (MVU) Military Veterans, CRN 55764 (3 credit hours)

March 22-May 21, 2021

Taught by Dr. Jeni Hunniecutt, Assistant Director of Research Engagement and Educational Programming at the Chez Veterans Center. Contact Jeni at

Military Veterans: Community Health & Wellness educates students on factors impacting the health and wellbeing of Military/Veteran communities. The course includes an immersion into Military/Veteran culture before examining specific health issues most impacting this community. Topics explored include military transitions and reintegration, Veteran suicides, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma, Traumatic Brain Injury, substance misuse, and homelessness. This course will be taught online asynchronously in Spring 2021.

MSKC Research Chat Series

The MSKC Research Chat Series is way to share findings from research investigations and studies with Military/Veteran communities and campus researchers. In each chat, an Illinois MSKC-affiliated researcher shares key scientific insight into an important M/V topic. The MSKC hosts three chats per semester, each being virtual, 45 minutes long, and open for audience Q&A. These talks are free and available to everyone. 

Chez Veterans Center presents MSKC Research Chat Series, Spring, 2021

Dr. Meghan Burke- Exploring the Needs of Military Families of Children with Disabilities; Thursday, April 8th 12-12:45pm CST, virtual

Dr. Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo- Caring for Caregivers of Veterans: What we Know and What we Have yet to Learn; Thursday, May 6th 12-12:45pm CST, virtual

Archived Chats:

Exploring the Needs of Military Families of Children with Disabilities, Dr. Meghan Burke, April 2021

Older Veterans and Cannabis Use, Dr. Julie Bobitt, March 2021

Military Families with Children with Disabilities: Experiences and Needs, Dr. Hedda Meadan-Kaplansky, Feb. 2021

Healing in the Aftermath of War: REBOOT Combat Recovery, Dr. Leanne Knobloch, Dec., 2020

Making the Invisible Visible: Brain Health of Heroes, Dr. Aaron Anderson, Nov., 2020

Veteran Hearing Loss and Tinnitus: Exploring New Technologies, Dr. Fatima Husain, Oct., 2020

If you are a researcher working with Military/Veteran communities and interested in presenting in this series, please contact Jeni Hunniecutt at

Trainings & Workshops for Researchers

The MSKC hosts educational trainings and workshops tailored to fuse the societal military-civilian divide. These workshops are designed to help researchers develop necessary cultural competencies for effectively engaging with this community in research. Workshops can be adapted for various audiences: students/class talks, academic professionals (i.e. Research Development Managers), research labs, or specific colleges/units/centers. Complete this form to request an educational training and/or workshop.

Archived Talks:

Engaging Military/Veteran Communities in Research: Guidance for UIUC Researchers, Dr. Jeni Hunniecutt, Feb., 2021

Presentations for Community Organizations

If you work for an organization that would benefit from a research presentation or training in a Military/Veteran specific topic, please complete this form or email Jeni Hunniecutt at to inquire.