decorated veteran seated at table surrounded by room full of people at  tables

Community Events & Engagement

The CVC’s MSKC holds a yearly event during the month of November in honor of Veterans Day. The purpose of these events is to create spaces for researchers and Military/Veteran stakeholders to network and engage with each other on timely topics impacting this community.

Read about our 2018 event, Women Veterans: Health, Community & Legacy.

Read about our 2019 event, Making the Invisible Visible: A Dialogue on Veteran Traumatic Brain Injury.

In addition to annual community events, the MSKC is in the planning stages of forming a “Veteran Engagement Team” (VET). The aim is for the VET to act as a community advisory group of Veterans and military family members to help guide and shape research initiatives within the MSKC. If you are interested in learning more about VET and potentially be part of the team, please contact Dr. Jeni Hunniecutt at to inquire.