Dr. Hunniecutt speaks to Illinois alumni in Chicago about Veteran Traumatic Brain Injury

Educational Programming

The MSKC hosts educational trainings and workshops tailored to fuse the societal military-civilian divide. These workshops are designed to help researchers develop necessary cultural competencies for effectively engaging with this community in research. Workshops can be adapted for various audiences: students/class talks, academic professionals (i.e. Research Development Managers), research labs, or specific colleges/units/centers.

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Special Topics Course

Dr. Jeni Hunniecutt of the MSKC offers one special topics academic course per year (undergraduate and graduate students can enroll).

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Military Veterans: Community Health & Wellness

Military Veterans: Community Health & Wellness educates students on factors impacting MilitaryNeteran communities. The course includes an immersion into Military/ Veteran culture before examining prominent community health issues impacting Military/ Veteran cohorts and communities at large. Issues explored include military transitions and reintegration, trauma (Post Traumatic Stress, Military Sexual Trauma, and Traumatic Brain Injury), substance misuse, and homelessness. Class will meet in room 1020 at the Chez Veterans Center, 908 W. Nevada St., Urbana.

CHLH 494 (MVG) Special Topics: Health Issues, CRN 55765 (4 credit hours)

CHLH 494 (MVU) Military Veterans, CRN 55764 (3 credit hours)

  • Tuesday/Thursday
  • 5:30-8pm
  • March 24- May 5, 2020

Taught by Dr. Jeni Hunniecutt, Research Specialist at the Chez Veterans Center. Contact Jeni at jeni@illinois.edu.